Over the last decade, the concept of platform business models has been extremely successful in the private sector. A successful platform business connects producers and consumers of services using a common set of business rules; achieving a ‘network effect’, where every new user makes the platform more valuable to all other users.

Cities are platforms that power the greatest marketplaces on earth, but cities don’t yet play instrumental roles in the emerging knowledge and data economy. Cities do, however, provide the required fabric for many businesses that couldn’t survive without the concentration of people and assets that exist within the city.

Leading cities are now coming to terms with how to create, curate and use data to the advantage of their citizens and businesses. Developments in technology and society mean the time is right for data to become another utility in the city.

    • Hot Topics covered at Smart City InFocus 2017 include:

      • City as a Platform – how to deploy city platforms to unleash local data economies
      • Smart Governance – how to design and deliver a smart city
      • Big Data – how big data can improve the quality of life for citizens
      • Smart Security – how to protect privacy of residents and businesses in a city
      • Smart Environment – how innovative technologies can meet environmental challenges
      • Smart Transportation – how transport solutions will evolve towards a self driving future
      • Smart Health – how cities can use technology to improve the wellness of its residents
      • Smart Tourism – how to make the entire tourist experience more enjoyable