Speaker profile
Frans Jorna
Director Smart City
City of Utrecht

Frans Jorna (1969) is Director Smart City at the City of Utrecht (NL). Utrechts digital strategy focuses on creating a rich open urban data economy hinged on an open urban platform. Key is including citizens and business in the creation and delivery of smart services for healthy urban living in the domains of smart mobility, healthy living, air quality, sustainable energy production and urban (re)development and culture. Working with a large number of Polish, German, Dutch and Estonian municipalities, his drive is to enable local government to function as an interoperable platform by focusing on citizens. This entails establishing viable platform business models, reducing transaction cost, enhancing transparency, opening up new possiblity for smart ups and spin outs, profiting from the IoT-revoluation, creating a rich data-economy and allowing citizens to manage their own data and service-production.

Frans holds a Doctorate in Public Administration from Leiden University (NL). Previously, Frans worked as professor of Public Services at the Lower Silesian for the Public Service (Wroclaw, PL) and professor of Governance at Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Deventer, NL). He chaired a number of international working groups on open data, urban governance, interoperability, open innovaton and open government. He is the author of a large number of articles and books in these domains and regularly speaks at conferences and round tables on how to render local digital innovation strategies interoperable.

Agenda sessions


September 20, 2017

4:10 pm
CASE STUDY: A City Innovation Platform to Develop Solutions for Healthy Urban Living
4:30 pm
PANEL: How to Leverage Technology to Improve Citizens’ Health and Provide Better Healthcare